Stop !! Caging their creative mind

I m starting with small incident which happened to me in September 2020 . My family hosted a grand feast in celebration of my job .

My whole family ,relatives friends cousins all of them were present in this feast .we were enjoying suddenly my 4 year old niece uttered some unbelievable she came to me and held my index finger , looked up to me innocently asked ” Macchi Am l fat???” …. ..

I felt something broke in my heart nobody found this question out of syllabus not even her own mother .

Crouched down to her and picked her in lap . I carefully selected my words and mustered my courage and asked ” who called you fat”??? .

She looked at me for a moment and pointed her finger to her own maternal grandmother .

I asked grabbed her finger and answered ” darling you are perfect you just play ,eat and learn rest doesn’t matter” she looked at me for good moment and struggled down .

She walked to her maternal grandmother and repeated the words .” I m not fat ” and she jolted towards other kids to play.

We should check our words twice infront of kids because they are looking towards us . This incident taught me many things . Stop feeding them negative things .

Nowadays suicide cases are booming kids are killing themselves for silly reason its our obligations to make them strong person .

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